Why using Fake Doctors Excuses is Risky


Perhaps you have successfully managed to make use of a fake doctor’s excuse several times. But have you ever known that what you have been doing is not safe? Actually when found by the authorities that you tried playing cards so that you can obtain three days or so off work illegitimately, you can find yourself in problems. Are you aware of this fact?

Many workers who have been found using these kinds of notes have ended up building bad relations with their bosses and to some extent lost their jobs completely. Heavy punishments have been applied to them making them suffer severely. For your information, you can land in jail if matters go worse. Several harsh charges including paying the company you work for huge lump sums is also some of the losses you can suffer.

Students on the other hand cannot be excused. The boards running several schools have also realized the same effect from their students and have come up with tough punishments when one is discovered using this quire method to obtain a leave. One is either expelled from the learning institution or even jailed in some circumstances.

It is common sense that you won’t want to be in such troubles and whenever you feel like you might fall into this trap, the first thing you will be doing is making sure that you run several miles away from this action. You better watch out.